This week I have immersed myself in Hillary Rodham Clinton’s new book What Happened, about her experience with the 2016 Presidential Primary and Election, including why she didn’t win the electoral college and lots of inside scoop on what it was like behind the scenes of her campaign. I’ve struggled with what happened every day […]


One of the things I am passionate about is affordable access to mental health care, so that people can receive the services they need. So I was very pleased to see this paragraph in my husband’s 2015 Benefits Open Enrollment Information: Effective January 1, 2015, office visits for psychotherapy consultations will be subject to the […]

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Last year I participated in a year-end blog meme, Rewind 2011, with fun and interesting questions designed to get writers and readers to reflect on our lives in 2011. As luck would have it, I even got to meet the woman/fellow blogger (from Ups and Downs of a Yoga Mom), who introduced me to the meme […]


Let’s do the Time Warp again! Welcome to the twenty-second installment of my blog hop/writing exercise called Time Warp Tuesday! For those not familiar with Time Warp Tuesdays, which I host on the 2nd Tuesday of every month, here is the background of how and why I came up with the idea. If you are here to […]


This afternoon I was catching up on another episode of Awake (the fourth episode in the series). In this story line Detective Michael Britten interacts in both of his realities with a woman named Kate who babysat years ago for his now teenage son Rex (who is alive in one reality and dead in the other). […]


Male Therapist: “So tell me how this works?” Detective Michael Britten: “I’m awake with my wife and I close my eyes, I open them and I’m awake with my son.” Female Therapist: “And this has been happening since, the accident?” Male Therapist: “So you begin working on one case here, in reality, and then suddenly […]