My 1st monitoring appointment for this cycle, since I began the stimulation meds on Monday, was this morning and it went well. The tech found 12 follicles that were under 10mm, so in those cases they don’t report measurements for each follicle, only if there were any over 9-10mm. There will likely be some measurable ones when I go back on Friday morning. On my first day of monitoring last cycle, after starting the stimulation meds, the tech found 11 follicles (3 – 10mm, 2 – 9mm and 6 less than 9mm). Last cycle I started on 225 IUs of Follistim and this time I am on 375 IUs, plus 75 IUs of Repronex. Last cycle I had my 1st monitoring appt. on day 4 of stimming and this cycle/today was day 3. Anyway, I find the comparison very interesting, not that it really means that much at this point. As I may have mentioned before, throughout these IVF cycles I have often felt like a big scientific experiment, which I think is a little scary at times, but mostly really cool! 🙂

My endometrium (the thickness of my uterine lining) was 4. The nurses told me last cycle that they like for the lining to be closer to 10 to support implantation, but we still have plenty of time. That said, during our follow-up appointment with our RE, after last cycle was not successful, he told us that the range for endometrium thickness is 5 – 20 and that as long as we are in that range we should be okay (that 18 isn’t any better than 10 he said, you just want to have it in the range). Anyway, either way, my lining was 10 on the day we triggered last cycle, so I think odds are my lining will thicken as this cycle progresses.

I was also able to get the results of my blood work, that was done on Monday (6/4) and the nurses were kind enough to print out a copy of the report/information sheet they are using to track this cycle for me. My estrogen level was 36.2. They like for it to be under 50 to start an IVF cycle, and some places even prefer it to be under 40, so I was pleased to see that number. Last cycle, on the day I began my stimulation meds, my estrogen level was 41.9. My LH (lutenizing hormone) level was 1.41 and last cycle it was 1.55. My P4 (progesterone level) was 0.215 and last cycle it was less than 0.20. My HcG level was less than 1.00, as it was last cycle at this time, which means that I am not pregnant! 😉

Since Bob has been doing so well with the Repronex shots in the morning, I didn’t feel the need to take the nurse up on her offer to do today’s in the office. So Bob gave the injection to me, before he left for work this morning and then the nurse redrew the circles (a.k.a. targets!), which had faded since Monday, on my rear end, so Bob will continue to have a good idea of where to aim! 😉 As far as side effects, this far, I don’t seem to have a lot. I do feel some fatigue and have been trying to get more sleep to help. I have also been a bit moody/on edge, but am trying not to let day to day challenges get me too worked up. I even bought a book at Walgreen’s this morning called “HOPE Happens!” By Catherine DeVrye. It is a collection of inspirational quotes that are suppose to help people during difficult times in their life and since at times this cycle I have struggled with feeling hopeful and believing that IVF can be successful for us, I thought it might be good for me to take a look at.

I asked the nurse at my appointment if they thought I would have any monitoring appointments over this weekend, especially in light of their being no measurable follicles over 10mm at this point. They say “no.” So Bob and I are excited that it looks like it will work for us to spend a fun and relaxing weekend in Michigan with Sean, Bob’s uncle and possibly a few friends! I also asked if it was okay for me to ride in a speed boat this weekend, as I know I am not technically supposed to bouncing around (as one does in a speed boat) when my follicles are in the stimulation phase. To my surprise she said it would be fine, explaining that they worry more about jarring ovaries/follicles towards the end of the stimulation phase, as we get closer to triggering! So Bob was very happy to hear that, as it means that I can drive the boat and pull him water skiing, if I feel up to it this weekend!

Finally, I will leave you with one of the quotes, which spoke to me, from the book about hope that I bought this morning.

“‘I tried and it didn’t work’ is a lot better than ‘I wish I tried.'” ~ Anonymous

That pretty much sums up my attitude towards our trying IVF and seeing it through until we are either successful or our insurance runs out. I feel like if it works, it would be so wonderful to have another natural child(ren) and if it doesn’t, at least we will know we tried every option available to us before we move on and either pursue adoption or choose to focus our full attention on being the best parents we can to the amazing child we already have!

As always, thank you for your continued support, thoughts and prayers! I will report back after my 2nd monitoring appointment on Friday morning, if not before.

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1 Lori Lavender Luz October 9, 2012 at 2:26 pm

Want me to tell you your fortune?

Nah, that would spoil the journey. I will tell you that you’re going to find out just how strong and resilient you are, and you will add to your family 🙂

That’s a beautiful quote you chose.
Lori Lavender Luz recently posted..Breaking HopeMy Profile


2 Esperanza October 10, 2012 at 12:32 am

I love to go back and read posts that happen long before good things later did happen. I love knowing what is to come, though it’s hard to know harder things are coming before the good. But I love knowing that ultimately the good is waiting in the future.


3 Keiko October 10, 2012 at 6:49 pm

Oh Kathy. I just love being able to peek back into your life these years ago. At the time you wrote this, I was knee-deep in wedding planning and had just moved to Massachusetts.

I waited, very deliberately, to read your Time Warp Tuesday posts this evening, the night before my first beta. I’m so tickled to see the post you chose from your archives was one of your cycle beginning posts: it’s a lovely metaphoric bookend to where I’m at emotionally right now.

I admit, I’m pretty terrified about the results tomorrow. If it didn’t work, I know I have many, many emotional bears who want to crawl out from their caves and tear me apart. But your quote: ‘I tried and it didn’t work’ is a lot better than ‘I wish I tried.’ – it’s so true. It’s the same thought that guides me even now as I march forward with this uncertain phase of my journey.

Off to travel back through time to the present. A lovely, hopeful post. It does my heart good tonight 🙂
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4 Justine October 10, 2012 at 8:36 pm

I love this post because it so clearly speaks to your faith … your optimism, but not a Pollyanna optimism … instead, it’s the kind of hope you work at.

I admire you for your strength here, even before you know what the future will hold, especially knowing that you’ve become even stronger since it was posted.

Justine recently posted..Time Warp Tuesdays: Hope, and the End of CSA SeasonMy Profile


5 missohkay October 11, 2012 at 12:21 pm

I like that you found a book to help you feel more hopeful. I don’t know how anyone goes through ART without a belief that it will work, because I couldn’t endure the shots without a huge reserve of hope! I love Esperanza’s comment above about the dual feelings we now have as readers who know what’s going to happen.
missohkay recently posted..Time Warp Tuesday: Can’t help but hopeMy Profile


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