Every year it is a bittersweet day for many families who have lost babies.

It represents both grief and hope.

It reminds us of our little ones who left this world too soon, as well as everyone in our lives who have helped us to learn to live without them here on earth.

Caring Connection Walk to Remember 2013

Our babies will never be forgotten.

Our children who have died will always be in our hearts.

Our Balloons for Molly and Babies Benson

Last year on October 15th, I shared video here that I dreamed of making for a long time.

Creating it was a very therapeutic experience for me.

I didn’t anticipate how validating it would feel to receive lots of love and kind words from those who watched it.

Many thanks to all who commented on my blog post, in which I introduced my video, Always in Our Hearts: For Molly and Babies Benson, or on Facebook, as well as those who sent me emails and private messages.

I just watched it again for the first time in a while and was blown away by how it takes me back through feelings of so much joy, pain and love.

As I shared in my post on October 15, 2012,

Knowing that ten years after we began trying to expand our family that our journey through secondary infertility and loss has been resolved made creating and now sharing this video even more momentous and meaningful.

To all those who have walked with, prayed for, supported, encouraged and believed in Bob, Sean, Babies Benson, Molly, Abby and me, words will never be enough to express how grateful we are.

But still I say thank you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Thank you for being you and for being there for us.

I hope that this video will show you how blessed we feel to have each of our children in our family, including those who are here living with us and our babies who are always in our hearts.

We have learned and continue to learn so much from all of our children and intend to do our best to make them proud going forward.

For those reading and watching who have also lost babies, today and everyday, I send healing thoughts and prayers your way as you honor the lives and memories of your children goon to soon. I wish you peace, love and comfort on this bittersweet day.

Here is the video, if you haven’t watched it before or would like to see it again.

Always in Our Hearts: For Molly and Babies Benson from Kathy Benson on Vimeo.

A photo montage set to music paying tribute to the lives and memories of our children who left this world too soon. Sending peace, love and prayers to all those missing their babies on National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day (October 15th) and everyday.

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