Another Three of a Kind

by Kathy on August 5, 2011 · 2 comments

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Here is the recent photo I promised you, at the end this post, of my sister Meg, brother-in-law Bill and their daughter Cora at the racetrack last Sunday! Aren’t they an adorable family?!

As many of you may recall from my sharing about my sister and brother-in-law over the years here (with their permission and blessing), they began building their family through adoption. Our family was overjoyed when Meg and Bill’s daughter Cora (Bob and my niece and Goddaughter) joined our family last year!

Now Meg, Bill and Cora find themselves where Bob, Sean and I were not that long ago, as “three of a kind” trying, hoping and praying to be able to expand their family. They have begun the process to try to adopt domestically again and their profile recently “went live” on the website for the agency that they are working with this time around called Angel Adoption Inc.

Please take a look here at Meg and Bill’s profile and share the link with anyone you know who might be considering an adoption plan or might be connected with those would could be doing so. I also ask that you please keep Meg, Bill, Cora and birth parents thinking about adoption in your thoughts and prayers as they wait with patient optimism to be matched with another child to complete their family. Thank you!

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1 HereWeGoAJen August 5, 2011 at 4:14 pm

I will keep my ears open!


2 Meg August 6, 2011 at 10:17 am

Thank you so much, Kath for sharing this. ♥ We so appreciate your prayers as well as reaching out on our behalf to readers of this blog. Love the title of the post, too: "Another Three of a Kind."

As an aside, we can be matched nationwide, not just in Illinois so if your blog readers, in any state, know of anyone considering an adoption plan they can contact us at:

We're coming up up on six months on the list–one quarter of the way through our two-year contract (we're working with an adoption matching organization rather than a full-service agency this time and we have just two years to be matched). Just recently, I've started to feel a bit anxious about the process and timing so I appreciate all the more you spreading the news. Thanks, again, Kath. ♥


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