AF finally arrived yesterday (Sunday) morning, 5 days after I stopped taking the pill. When she still hadn’t come on Saturday I checked my notes from IVF#1 and saw that it actually took 5 days after I stopped the pill with that cycle for my period to start and thus it made more sense why, even though the nurse has said it would be more like 1-3 days after I stopped the pill, it hadn’t begun yet. I think I may have also confused the time line with after I stopped the PIO shots, when our 1st IVF was not successful, I got my period 3 days later. Anyway, it’s here now and I had my Cycle Day 2 (CD2) appointment this morning.

The appointment went well! My ultrasound and my blood work were both uneventful, as I like them to be (i.e. no cysts or problems finding “good” veins). We got the “green light” to start stimulation injections today and I was surprised to find out that the Repronex is actually going to be an “AM” or morning shot, instead of the evening. It caught me off guard, as I thought all of my injections were to be done at night. So when the nurse turned to me and said “I can do your Repronex” shot right now, if you like?!” I was a little shocked! But as she said, at least since I didn’t know it was coming, I didn’t have the stress of the anticipation. She did it in the upper quadrant of my rear end/hip and it was no big deal at all, just a little pinch! She then drew circles on both sides for Bob, so when he does it tomorrow morning (and in the days to come) he will know where to aim! 😉 We forgot to get the circles drawn after the ER last cycle, and as it turns out, he may have been doing the PIO shots a little on the low side. The nurse said they are really to be done more in the hip, than the buttocks. The nurse also offered, that if I want, when I come in on Wednesday and Friday this week for my monitoring appointments, that she would be happy to do the Repronex injections for those days. I figure though Bob doesn’t mind doing them, that if someone else can/is willing, he won’t object! 😉 So I will probably take her up on her offer, unless I just want to get them out of the way, first thing in the morning, before Bob leaves for work ever day. We’ll see…

The nurse confirmed the schedule of me coming in this Wednesday and Friday. She said after that my next appointment will depend on how things look on Friday morning (the size of my follicles and blood work levels). She said most likely I wouldn’t be back in after Friday morning’s appointment until that following Monday. But she also said that there is a chance, with the higher level of Follistim we are starting with tonight and the addition of the Repronex this cycle, that I could be heading downtown to River North as early as Saturday and/or Sunday mornings, which could mean the trigger shot could be as early as Saturday or Sunday night (with the ER as early as Monday or Tuesday). So we will just have to be patient and see what happens this week and especially on Friday. On a side note, my period has been very light this time around. I was curious if it was because of the “double suppression” protocol I am on this cycle (the combination of being on just the pill for 14 days, then 10 units of Lupron and the pill for 7 days and then just 10 units of Lupron since, until today). I asked the nurse this morning and she said, yes that my period is likely lighter for that reason.

So until the Trigger (HcG) shot I will be doing 75 units of Repronex every morning and 375Ius of Follistim (unless they adjust the amount once the monitoring starts) and 5 units of Lupron every night.

When Bob and I found out this past Friday, when I talked with the nurse over the phone, that we would most likely not have any monitoring appointments over this coming weekend, we made tentative plans take Sean up to his parents’ summer home in Michigan for a few days, which we both thought would be fun and relaxing. We hadn’t thought, with this IVF cycle and the rest of our busy life’s schedule, that we would be able to get up there before early July this year and we’re excited at the prospect! But now our travel plans will have to be even more tentative, until we find out where things are at with this cycle/my follicles on Friday.

Anyway, I gotta go make Sean some lunch before his last Soccer class this afternoon. He did very well at his new Pre-Art Summer Camp this morning from 9:30-11:30 a.m., while I was at my appointment! Thank you for your continued support, thoughts and prayers! It is exciting to be starting the stimulation portion of this cycle, as I recall last cycle this is when time really started to fly and I found the frequent monitoring appointments to be somewhat fun and very interesting!

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