ER Will Be Tuesday!

by Kathy on April 15, 2007 · 0 comments

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I am back from this morning’s bright and early appt. and it went very well! There were 8 measurable (over 10mm) follicles: 25mm, 22mm, 20mm, 18mm, 16.5mm, 16mm, 15mm & 13mm! They grew as follows: 25/22, 22/18, 20/16, 18/15, 16.5/14.5, 16/14, 15/13 & then we got the new 13 which must have been below 10 on Saturday! As I understand it having the 4 follicles (we needed to have at least 3) measuring above 17mm qualifies us for the trigger tonight and ER on Tuesday. They may be able to get eggs from more than just those 4 follicles, but we’ll see. The nurse said that if both of my ovaries were in play we’d probably get between 20-25 eggs! But she said since it only appears that we will be retrieving from the left (since my right doesn’t seem to be functioning well this cycle), we still have a really good number of follicles!

The Thickness (of my uterine lining) was about 10. The u/s tech (I got the stand-up comedian one this morning, who has been working there for 20 years) told me that she thought my endometrium lining looked very bright (not sure what that means) and good! She said it will only get brighter and better for the ET (which will probably be Sunday, April 22)!

I was scheduled for our ER on Tuesday, April 17 at 8:40 a.m. (we are to arrive at the office by 7:00 a.m.) and I will do the hCG (Ovidrel) “trigger” shot in my stomach tonight at 8:40 p.m. (exactly 36 hours prior to the ER). I will be doing the trigger in the middle of watching the Sopranos new episode tonight, so Bob and I were joking that maybe I will be injecting myself at the same time somebody gets “whacked” on the show! So that is today’s report.

The nurse said that the only possible change would be if for some reason they needed to give me a different time for Tuesday (and thus my trigger time would also change accordingly). In that case I would receive a phone call this afternoon. The nurse explained that the women who have the most mature follicles “get to go first” and right now I am #3 on the schedule.

So here we go… After the roller coaster ride that the past few days have been, it feels great to know we have the green light! I am getting very excited! A little nervous… but mostly excited!!! 🙂

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