Mother’s Day

You read that right. This is about LTYM Chicago 2016. I started writing sometime after the show, one year ago yesterday, about the incredible experience that was Listen to Your Mother Chicago 2016. I would add things to it now and then, getting pretty far with my post, but never finished or shared it until […]

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One of my newer blogging friends Em, from Teach Me to Braid, shared a beautiful and moving post earlier this month, called Church, about her efforts to raise awareness at her church about members who might find holidays such as Mother’s and Father’s Day difficult, as well as attending baptisms/dedications, because they are struggling with […]


In recent days a lot of my friends and family members on Facebook have been changing their profile pictures to a favorite photo of their mothers. So tonight I decided to jump on the bandwagon and share an old favorite photo of my sister and me with our mom, when I was around the age […]