Who Me? (Then and Now)

by Kathy on September 13, 2016 · 0 comments

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12 1/2 years between these two pictures… ⌛️

Sean was almost 6 months old and I had just turned 29. ?

In some ways it seems like so long ago and yet I can also remember a lot about what 29 year old me felt like. ♥️

I was adjusting to life as a new mom, still nursing, and sleep deprived. ?

I tried to eat healthy for Sean, since my breast milk was his primary source of nutrition, though he’d recently began to have some cereal. ? I was less concerned with my own nutrition and was a very picky eater. I ate little to no veggies. ?

I’d had an unplanned c-section, at 41 weeks, after a long augmented labor (that lasted 26 hours), for failure to progress past 7 cm. Sean was 9 lbs. 11 oz. ?

And when our OB saw him for the first time, as he was taking him out of my uterus, he said you don’t have a baby in there, you’ve got a toddler! ?

The extent of my exercise was taking Sean for walks in his stroller to the park or with Bob on his way to the train in the morning. ?

And every once in awhile I’d ride my parents old exercise bike they’d given us or pop in one of my old MTV The Grind or Paula Abdul workout tapes. ????

If you told me back then what my life would look like at 41, I doubt I would believe you. ?

Who me?

?A group fitness instructor for 10 years and counting. ??

? I actually eat and enjoy vegetables daily (usually a salad for lunch and celery as a snack at some point). ?

? A bereaved and blessed mom, of two living children (who are now almost 13 and 7) and one in Heaven, who struggled with secondary infertility and loss for 5 years. ✌?️??

? A blogger, for over 9 years, who discovered how much I love to write, connect, and share about my journey with others whose lives haven’t gone as they hoped, dreamed or planned. ?

? A health and fitness coach who runs private accountability groups for my clients to support and help keep them on track as they work towards their goals. ?

How about you?

? What would the version of you 10 or more years ago think of you today?

? Would you be surprised how your life has played out so far?

? Are you where you imagined you’d be at this age age stage?

? Does this post resonate with you?

I love to help others take responsibility for their lives and achieve their goals through creating, implementing, and being accountable for healthy habits. ??⏰✔️?

Comment or message me on Facebook if you are ready to talk with me about making positive changes in your life. ?

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