Thursday’s Voice: Weeks Five & Six

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It’s Thursday! Which means it my day to write about this week’s prompt over at The Today Voice.

Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm since we launched our new writing project last month. I especially appreciate those of you have taken time to comment on my posts over there and share your thoughts on the prompts each week here and/or there.

If this is the first you have heard about The Today Voice writing project, click here to read the back story and I how I got involved.

I never got around to sharing about last week’s prompt, as I was on my way to NYC for my first BlogHer annual conference. Once I arrived there I focused on being present to the BlogHer `12 experience and thus spent little time online that weekend, other than Facebooking and Tweeting in real-time about my travels, the sessions I attended (including the panel I spoke on) and keynote speakers I heard. So I will highlight both weeks’ prompts and posts here.


The prompt for last week was:

Write about the five moments that changed your life.

I loved this prompt! However, I found myself writing my post the night before I left for BlogHer`12 and thus felt rushed as I worked on it. I am pleased with how it turned out and what I shared, but I had a different vision for my post when I initially read the prompt. I wanted to pick five seemingly insignificant moments, at face value, that ended up dramatically changing the trajectory of my life. I thought that would be really interesting, kind of like the premise in the movie Sliding Doors. Though in the end, I wasn’t able to come up with those kinds of moments and defaulted to more obvious life changing ones to reflect on.

Here is a link to my fifth post as Thursday’s Voice:

Week Five: Kathy Benson 

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The prompt for this week is:

Write about your most embarrassing moment

So many of The Today Voice prompts sound so easy to muse on when I first read them, but then when the time comes for me to write, I struggle a bit. As Tuesday’s Voice shared in the intro to his post this week, I had trouble coming up with my “most embarrassing moment.” I am not sure why, but I don’t recall having very many of them. It may be because when they happen they aren’t that big of a deal and thus I just don’t remember them or I could also be in some state of denial where I block out the memories of those events in my life.

Either way, I could only think of one at first, which was pretty boring. So then I brainstormed with my mom and came up with what I chose to write about this week. Though it isn’t the most entertaining embarrassing moment, I appreciate that it speaks to what happens when I try to impress people, instead of just being myself.

Here is a link to my sixth post as Thursday’s Voice:

Week Six: Kathy Benson 

To check out the other Today Voice posts for this week click on the links below:

Tuesday’s Voice: Brian B. Baker

Wednesday’s Voice: Peter Combs

Friday’s Voice: Amanda Kasper (post will be live at noon EST on Friday, August 10th)


I hope that you will continue to follow our journey on The Today Voice and share your thoughts on our posts “52 weeks, 5 voices, 1 day at a time.”

You can follow us on Twitter @TheTodayVoice and “like” our Facebook page here.

What are one or more key moments that changed your life?

What is one of your most embarrassing moments?

Please share your thoughts in the comment sections of my posts on The Today Voice, here on my blog or in a post on your own blog and then let me know/share a link so I can read it.

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