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by Kathy on July 13, 2012 · 7 comments

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It’s Friday the 13th and though I am not very superstitious, it is on my radar.

Since this past week has brought a slew of random and unexpected unlucky events to our family, I am hoping that today will be relatively uneventful in comparison.

They say bad things happen in threes and there were at least that many significant and strange things that happened this week. Hopefully in the hours to come I will not be adding to the list:

1) Wipe Out — As I shared in this post, our family really enjoyed taking long and scenic bike rides together last week on our vacation in Michigan. Unfortunately towards the end of our ride on our last day, before heading home, Sean wiped out twice on his bike. Both falls were very upsetting for our son. We are grateful that his injuries, mostly “road rash,” were not worse and that loved ones and even strangers were able to help us to care for him right after his falls. We also are thankful that he was wearing his bike helmet, which I am adamant my children and I wear whenever we are riding bikes, even for short local rides.

2) Broken Windshield — Later that same day, during our car ride home from our vacation, Bob was driving our minivan on an expressway. All of a sudden he saw something flying right at our car, we heard a loud noise and then saw that our windshield had cracked. It didn’t shatter and he was able to continue driving, but it was still a scary experience. Since the crack went the full length of our windshield from top to bottom and was directly in the driver’s side line of vision, we needed to get a new one. Of course the cost to replace it was just $10 over our deductible for our car insurance, so we got the added bonus of getting to pay out-of-pocket.

3) Hole in the Water Line —  The next morning Bob was getting ready to leave for work and heard an unusual sound coming from our basement. He went downstairs to investigate and discovered the water line that leads to our refrigerator upstairs in our kitchen had a hole it and was essentially giving the back of our basement/work room/storage area a shower! Thankfully, after previous experiences with flooding, we have most of our stuff in Rubbermaid containers! But it was still a frustrating way to start our week after returning from vacation.

Are you superstitious? What do you think about Friday the 13th?

Do you believe that bad things are more likely to happen on this date? 

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1 Mud Hut Mama July 13, 2012 at 8:47 am

Oh no! I hope that is the end of your unlucky streak! I’m not really superstitious but I do think that if you are expecting bad things to happen, like because it’s Friday the 13th, they are more likely to happen. Sort of like if you are looking for misfortune, you can always find it.
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2 Molly Jo July 13, 2012 at 10:03 am

I’m not superstitious. I believe there are things that are coincidental and can’t otherwise be explained; but I don’t believe in magic/superstitions. I do hope this is the last of your bad luck streak… that I do believe in, cuz sometimes when it rains, it pours!
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3 Photogrl July 13, 2012 at 1:14 pm

Hoping your streak of bad/weird luck turns quickly!

Never really liked Friday the 13th’s….until today. My twins are turning 2! I will admit, as I was getting ready to deliver them, the fact that they’d be born on a 13th crossed my mind, and unnerved me a bit.
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4 Lori Lavender Luz July 13, 2012 at 4:38 pm

Oh, my! That does sound like a rash of bad luck! I’m glad that your son is OK and that the other things can be fixed. But still, ugh.

I’m afraid to say I’m not very superstitious because there are several hours left today. How’s that for ambivalent?
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5 Marianne July 13, 2012 at 7:08 pm

Remind me to stay off the roads if you’re driving today.

Hope your luck changes!
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6 Justine July 13, 2012 at 11:06 pm

Oh, no! Glad your son is OK … but bruised confidence takes a while to heal. And the other broken things … what a week. Hope that this spate of bad luck is done for you!

I’m definitely superstitious … but mostly when it comes to silly little things like flipping pennies over to give other people good luck when they pick them up. A long time ago I decided that Friday the 13ths turned out to be pretty uneventful days, so I haven’t worried much about them since. And luckily, this one has officially passed in my time zone. 😉

Thanks for convincing me to do NaBloPoMo … it has been a challenge, and I’m definitely not going to win any awards for completion this time, but at least it’s gotten my writing arse in gear. 😉 (Your breakfasts and lunches are exactly what my former student, who is now a dietician, would have told me to eat. Healthy! We need good influences like you around my parts.)
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7 Jjiraffe July 13, 2012 at 11:16 pm

Glad Sean’s OK and the flooding wasn’t bad but still. Yikes.

Today has been a pretty awful day here: my daughter’s pretty sick and was up all night last night. I’ve been really worried about her.

I’ll be happy to see the 14th.
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