It’s time to Sham-ROCK the Vote (again)!

by Kathy on March 12, 2011 · 4 comments

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My limerick prevailed in Group 3!
Many thanks if you cast votes for me.
Now this contest is not done,
another round before it is won.
Please vote again and the winner I might be!

Thank you so much to everyone who voted for my limerick in the first round (group 3) of Lori’s Limerick Chick Contest. It was definitely an exciting (and somewhat nerve wrecking) finish between Alana’s wonderful limerick about trying to become a family of four, in honor of our mutual friend, and the one I wrote about the main character in my friend (and many of yours) Melissa Ford’s book called Life from Scratch.

Once again, here is my entry:

Rachel Goldman is learning to cook.
Her blog posts are so “off the hook!”
Mix divorce with cuisine
and lots in between,
find out more, read Mel’s Life from Scratch book.

I am excited to be in the finals because I have never done something like this before, it is a lot of fun and I look forward to being able to help my friend and mentor to spread the word about her awesome new novel!

Also, the winner of Lori’s Limerick Chick Contest gets a prize of $20 to donate to the charity of their choice or a Amazon gift card in that amount. In case you were curious how I would spend it, if I win, I would take the Amazon gift card and put it towards buying copies of the new book A Gift of Time: Continuing Your Pregnancy When Your Baby’s Life is Expected to Be Brief by Amy Kuebelbeck and Dr. Deborah L. Davis.

This year in honor and memory of our daughter Molly, as we approach the 3rd anniversary of her birth and death in April, we plan to give copies of A Gift of Time to many of the medical professionals that cared for us and our baby girl during and after our pregnancy with her in 2008. We intend to give one to our OB/GYN’s office, one to the Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM) specialist’s office, one to the Perinatal Cardiologist’s office, one to the Perinatal Bereavement Coordinator/Program at the hospital where Molly was born and died and one to the Chaplains/Office of Ministry there.

I really wish A Gift of Time had existed when we were received Molly’s poor prenatal diagnosis and prognosis and I am so glad that it is available now as a resource for those who sadly may someday need it. I want all of the doctors, nurses, chaplins and other caregivers that worked with us during and since our pregnancy with Molly to know about this book and be able to suggest it to patients that they may care for in the future that could benefit from perinatal hospice.

I am hosting a book tour here on my blog for A Gift of Time later this month. To find out more about the book tour and/or sign up to participate please check out this post .

So now what? If you haven’t already, please go vote for my limerick HERE !

Being that I live in Chicago, I encourage you to vote early and often! Though you can only vote once per IP Address, if you are creative that does not have to be very limiting. Try voting from your desktop, laptop, smart phone, iPad… you get the idea! 😉


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1 Knock knock - it's cancer! March 12, 2011 at 7:19 pm

Okay so I just voted – and I will again on my Iphone too… you are currently at 34% … 2nd place…

Hmmm… I am thinking of driving down to the library, they have like 8 computers there, lol. ya think?

I am extremely proud of you for making it into the finals!! You are one talented funny mama.

PS – I read you are having a hard time…what is going on? You probably don't want to post on a public forum like this, but email me? I'd love to lend an ear… okay – my email is michelle farrance at g mail dot com (I am writing it this way to be cryptic and so spammers won't automatically pick it up, haha)

Thinking of you


2 Kathy March 12, 2011 at 9:03 pm

Thank you for your vote(s) Michelle, as well as your kind words! I am so glad that you are home! I have really missed you and your comments! 🙂

Funny you mentioned taking a trip to the library! That thought has crossed my mind more than once in the past week, but so far I have refrained… 😉

Thank you for your concern. I am doing alright, just some stressful things converging all at once in my life this week. Thank you for your email. Now that I have it, I will send you mine. It will be nice to have another way for us to communicate/stay in touch. 🙂


3 Lavender Luz March 12, 2011 at 9:10 pm

I like your style…in so many ways.

Also, I think you have good taste in books — not to mention in limericks!

I will be thinking of you during the month of April as you remember Molly. XOXO to you, Kathy.


4 Kathy March 12, 2011 at 10:13 pm

Thank you so much Lori! The feelings are mutual. 🙂

I also appreciate your thoughts as we remember Molly. XOXO to you too.


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