Happy birthday to me…

by Kathy on February 26, 2010 · 10 comments

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…okay, not for another 9 days! But it sort of feels like it today and my special day (March 6) on which I will turn 35 years old (a.k.a. “advanced maternal age”) is on the horizon!

Today I am having one of those days where everything seems to be turning out just perfectly! :)

Two things in particular have happened today that have really made it one to remember…

The first being that this morning I found out that my friend Mel from Stirrup Queens had chosen my recent Omega and Alpha post to be featured in her weekly Friday Blog Roundup! I was having a super busy week/day and hadn’t read her Blog Roundup (as I do most Fridays) yet and then noticed, from email alerts, that I was getting a few comments on my post and read one (via the email alert) and saw that the commenter had come over from Mel’s Roundup. Anyway, I was/am soooooo honored that Mel chose my post for this week!

As I told my parents and Bob when I called them this morning to share the news (that is how excited I was/am), I feel like I won an Oscar (at least in my own little world)! I love what Mel wrote about the post and am honored that it spoke to her/that she liked it. I really debated putting it out there, but wanted to share, as it is something we have been struggling with and that has never stopped me from sharing on my blog before, at least rarely.

I believe this is the second time that Mel has chosen one of my posts for her Friday Blog Roundup. The first time was my “We carry on…” post after Senator Ted Kennedy died. Anyway, as I have shared here on my blog before, I have so much respect for Mel and her writing, so anytime she compliments my writing, it feels so special to me and makes me feel so good about myself. So getting this news this morning really made my day, which was already going really well, be that much more awesome!

The second wonderful thing that happened today is that this afternoon Amy (Lisa’s sister from Custom Bracelets by Lisa) sent me this “final draft” picture of what Bob, Sean, Abby, my Mom and my Dad are going in on for my birthday gift this year:

Four custom made beautiful (even more so than I ever imagined they could be) bracelets in honor of my two living children, my daughter in Heaven and the three angel babies we lost in December 2004 (due in July 2005), August 2005 (due in April 2006) and November 2005 (due in June 2006). I haven’t been this excited about a piece/pieces of jewelry since Bob and I went shopping for my engagement ring 11 years ago! :) I printed out this picture and have been carrying it around the house with me and can’t stop looking at it! Which reminds me of how I couldn’t stop looking at my engagement ring after Bob proposed to me on March 15, 1999!

This evening Bob, Sean, Abby and I will be joining Bob’s siblings, their families and his maternal aunt and uncle at Bob’s parents house to celebrate his maternal grandmother’s (Sean, Molly and Abby’s Great Grandmother, a.k.a. “GG”) 89th birthday! So really this post should have been titled “Happy Birthday to GG!” Because it is a very happy day for GG to be on the brink of the 9th decade in her life!

I will leave you with an awesome photo (which some of you may have already seen on Facebook) that my dad took earlier this week on his iPhone (can you believe that my dad got a smart phone before yours truly?! Maybe that can be next year’s birthday gift?!) of proud big brother Sean reading a story on his bed to his adoring little sister Abby in their bedroom. Though today has been fabulous, every day that I get to spend with Bob and my two living children is truly amazing! :)

I hope that you have a wonderful weekend and thank you for reading about my fabulous Friday!

Update: The bracelets arrived the Monday after I wrote this post and Bob said that I didn’t have to wait until my actual birthday to start wearing them. So I put them on that afternoon and have worn them almost every day since! I LOVE how they turned out and look on my wrist! Most days I wear the Sean, Molly and Abigail ones and some days I also wear the one with the three hearts. I like having the flexibility to not always wear them all at once, but really appreciate having the option to wear them all together (they all have a similar pattern/design). Here is a photo of four of my favorite birthday presents ever on my wrist:

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