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by Kathy on February 26, 2008 · 1 comment

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You can tell when I am anxious about something, as I spend a lot of time online and even blog as much as three times in one day! Two more things:

1) Sean and I went out to lunch today with one of Sean’s preschool classmates and her mom and younger brother. We had a fun and yummy meal together and it was nice to not have to make lunch for ourselves at home. While we are at the restaurant, Sean had to go to the bathroom. When we entered the bathroom, Sean noticed and pointed out that there was something hanging from the wall that had pictures of babies on it. I explained to him that it was a changing table for babies who need their diaper changed while they are at the restaurant. So then Sean said something to the effect of, “let’s bring Molly here after she is born and then if she needs her diaper changed, when can do it here.” I thought that was very cute! What a sweet big brother he is already, even if we don’t ever get to bring Molly home or to the restaurant we ate lunch at today.

2) I meant to share this story in my earlier post, but forgot. I received an email from old friend from Evanston (where I grew up and where Bob and I lived when we were first married) this week. We met when Bob and I joined a weekly faith sharing/bible study group through our Catholic parish during Lent in 2001 and participated in the group during Lent for the few years following, before we moved to our neighborhood here on the south west side of Chicago. Our friend and her husband got pregnant with their first child, a daughter, around the time we had Sean. In her email she reminded me some advice that I gave her when her daughter was born. She wrote: “I remember that when (my daughter) was born it was you who reminded me that our children don’t belong to us, rather they are God’s and we are being entrusted with them for as long a God needs us to take care of them.” I was struck by my friend recounting what I had said to her and it is something I do believe about having children. It meant a lot to me that she remembered that and chose to share it with me at this particular time.

This time tomorrow we should have a better idea of what is next for Molly and our family on her journey. Please keep those prayers and positive thoughts coming. They mean so much to us.

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1 Fertilize Me February 26, 2008 at 3:46 pm

these are all great times! Your family is in my prayers for tomorrow


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