8 weeks!

by Kathy on November 17, 2007 · 1 comment

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Today we are 8 weeks pregnant! WAHOO! YIPEE! YAY!!! 🙂 This is a huge milestone for us as, outside of our pregnancy with Sean, we never made it this far in our three other pregnancies. I have not had any significant discharge since Tuesday around 5:00 p.m., so that leads us to believe that our RE was right, some discharge and/or light spotting can be normal, and that everything is fine, at least for now. I did speak with one of the nurses who called me on Wednesday to check in and she told me that 85% of their patients who are pregnant have some type of discharge or spotting, which I also found reassuring.

Symptom wise, this week has been difficult for me. My morning sickness (though more like all day sickness) has kicked into high gear. I haven’t thrown up, but feel a constant feeling of nausea and eating small frequent snacks/meals continues to help some. I also have been very tired, especially in the morning and after dinner. So I have been trying to take it easy as much as possible. I do see all of this as very good signs of a healthy pregnancy and am doing my best to grin and bear it in light of that! 😉 Last Sunday in church we had to leave early because I thought I was going to faint or throw up. At times like that I have felt that it helps to just lie down and relax. I haven’t been spending as much time on the computer as I usually do, since it helps me to rest more, hence why I haven’t been posting very frequently. I also have been trying to reserve as much energy as I can for Sean during the day.

It has been an adjustment not feeling up to participating in many of the activities that I usually would, but such is life and I know that it is a totally worthwhile sacrifice for this child! 🙂

Sean had a great week at preschool culminating in his class’s “Thanksgiving Feast” on Thursday, during which he and his classmates preformed a bunch of songs in front of their parents! Bob took the morning off work to come see it and we were so proud of Sean! He really is a little preformer and got into the motions and words for each Thanksgiving themed song! Too cute!!! 🙂

Sean is spending the weekend at my parent’s in Evanston, which he is/was excited about and this morning Bob and I are heading down to Champaign, IL with some friends to attend our Alma Matter the UofI Fighting Illini’s annual football game against Northwestern University’s Wildcats. I haven’t been back to campus for a game since before Sean was born, so I am excited! I have a snack bag packed, to help combat my nausea and if need be tonight (we are staying at a hotel there), will take it easy in the hotel room, while Bob and our friends hit the campus bars for old times sake. But we’ll see… maybe I will get a 2nd wind and feel up to it?!

Anyway, thank you all for your continued support, positive thoughts, sticky vibes and prayers (especially after our little discharge scare earlier this week)! We are so happy to have made it to 8 weeks and with each passing day believe a little more that we will get to meet this little miracle (our child), Sean’s younger brother or sister, next year! 🙂 I will check in sometime on Monday after our next ultrasound, hopefully with good news and maybe even another picture of our “overachieving embryo!” I hope that you and yours have a wonderful weekend and GO ILLINI!!! 🙂

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1 Anonymous November 17, 2007 at 11:09 pm

Kathy, so great to hear that every thing continues to go well! Deb


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