Some things are too good to be true…

by Kathy on October 29, 2007 · 0 comments

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…and some things are not! 😉

Today I am 18dp5dt (23dpo) and 5 weeks 3 days pregnant! 🙂 That is not too good to be true… As far as we can tell, it is good, very good and true! 🙂

The house I told you about in my post yesterday however, was too good to be true, at least in the sense that it did not live up to our expectations. The description we had read, the dimensions of the rooms and the condition of the place all had been grossly over-stated. As Bob said, it was more than a “fixer upper,” it had been neglected for so long that it would practically need to be gutted to be livable. He also said that if we had the amount of money he thinks we would need to put into it to make it worthwhile, we could afford to just buy a different house that would be in much better condition to begin with.

That said, we do feel our time considering the house was not wasted. For one thing it reconnected us with the realtor who sold us our current home almost 5 years ago. We had a chance to share with her what we are looking for in our next place, so now she can keep an eye out for us when new properties come on the market and let us know if there is something she thinks we might like. We also invited her back to our home, after we looked at the other one, so she could see first hand all the renovations we have done in the time we have lived here. She was very impressed and is going to get back to us about how much she thinks we could get for it, in this current market. That way we can figure out more accurately what we could afford for a future home, somewhat based on the value of our current one.

We all agreed that as nice as our current home is, be it on the small side, we should not settle for just any house in the months or years to come. Our realtor encouraged us to be picky and only seriously consider moving for the “right house.” This was great advice and something Bob and I have always come back to, whenever a property has come on the market in the past few years that we have been interested in. With each experience of checking out potential future homes, we get a better idea of what we are looking for and also get renewed appreciation for what we already have in our current home.

As far as our pregnancy goes, it has been one week since we got the news that our “overachieving embryo” implanted and is growing and developing! 🙂 My symptoms to date include: dull crampiness with some twinges from time to time, heavy feeling breasts, a general queasiness that is eased by frequent small meals/snacks throughout the day and occasional headaches. I am still not sure how much of those are from my medications, since I had many of those symptoms/side effects before we got our BFP and some even before the ET, and how many are genuine pregnancy symptoms. But I also don’t really care, as it appears that things are going well and that’s all we can ask for.

I am a bit anxious and of course excited for our 1st ultrasound, one week from today, but know that the time will pass quickly with this being Halloween week! 🙂 The first of Sean’s three days of Halloween celebrations begin this afternoon, at our neighborhood playgroup party! Sean is napping now, but when he wakes up he will get to dress up in his “Remi” the rat, the main character from the movie “Ratatouille,” costume for the first of many occasions in the days to come! 🙂 He is very excited to wear it and see his friends’ costumes too! He also can’t wait to get (and eat) lots of candy! Though I did tell him there will be limits to how much he will be allowed to eat each day.

I am going to go watch some of “The View” on DVR from this morning, while I finish putting together the Halloween goody bags that Sean will be giving to his playgroup friends this afternoon, his cousins at our Benson side of the family party tomorrow and on Wednesday to his classmates at his preschool party!

Thank you for your comments, support, positive thoughts, sticky vibes and prayers. We are so grateful for all of you family and friends who follow this blog and continue to cheer us on in our journey to expand our family! 🙂

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