Sean is four! :)

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Today is Sean’s 4th birthday! Hooray!!! He was soooooooo excited when he woke up this morning! He wanted to go downstairs right away, while still in his jammies, to open his presents from us! This picture was taken after he finished unwrapping his gifts. He is holding the “ESPN Super Sounds Soccer” set that we gave him. It is hard to believe that our not so little boy anymore is four years old today!

When I drove Sean to preschool this morning he couldn’t wait to tell everyone that it is his birthday! Too cute!!! After I dropped him off, I went to the grocery store to pick up the “Shrek” themed cupcakes that I will be bringing later this morning, when I go to celebrate Sean’s birthday with him, his precschool classmates and his teachers. Thus begins the week long celebration of Sean’s birthday…

I wanted to try to get a quick post in here before I go and then will check in again sometime soon, probably before my appointment for my lining check on Friday. Today is day 11 of our FET cycle. It is my third day wearing four estrace patches, as opposed to the two I had been wearing, which has been an interesting experience. It’s like wearing four really big band aids that have a liquid medicine on them. I try to put them in places that won’t get in the way too much or make it difficult to move, but they still get in the way at times. I continue to take the two estridol pills in the morning and evening, as well as do the Lupron shot at night. My cold/allergies have continued, which has been somewhat of a nuisance too, but overall I am hanging in here. I am at the “sexy voice” stage of my cold/allergies, which is always kind of fun! 😉

We have had a fun and busy week, since I lasted posted, which is part of why I haven’t gotten a chance to post too recently. Last night my sister took me to see the opera “La Boheme” at Chicago’s Lyric Opera House. It was an awesome experience, in part because one of my favorites musicals is “Rent” and it is loosely based on/adapted from “La Boheme.” I have always wanted to see “La Boheme,” mostly because of the “Rent” connection. My sister and I really enjoyed ourselves and commented at the end that we should really have more “sisters nights out,” as we always have such fun together and don’t get together, just the two of us, very often these days.

Well, I should really get ready to go to Sean’s preschool birthday celebration, but wanted to check in quickly and update you on where I am at in my cycle. FET does really seem to be a pretty laid back ART cycle experience, which definitely has it’s advantages! With the exception of having to keep track of when to change the patches and make sure I remember to do the pills and shots, there isn’t much too it (at least in terms on not having a lot of doctor appointments for monitoring and such). I do really hope that this lower key cycle, might lead to it being a successful one, since it is a lot easier on my body! Thank you for your comments and your continued support, thoughts and prayers. There is probably more I have to share, but it is time for me to go celebrate with my four year old son at his school! 🙂

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