Our overachieving embryo!

by Kathy on October 11, 2007 · 1 comment

in FET #1

We are driving home from our ET and I couldn’t wait to share some awesome news from the procedure this morning! When the embryologist came in to “ID” me he told us that he was taught and through his experience that typically when embryos are thawed that their quality is the same or slightly worse, than when they were frozen. However, he said in our case the embryo (a day 5 2bb blastocyst) actually looked better!!!

At the time of the transfer it was fully expanded, partially hatched and when our RE asked Andrew, our new favorite embryologist, if he would grade it as a 1aa, Andrew said yes, or very close to it!!! :). As many of you probably know, a 1aa embryo is the highest quality embryo there is, and though it doesn’t mean this time will be successful, it certainly increases our chances!!! 🙂

This whole cycle I have had trouble feeling optimistic about the potential outcome. I was starting to feel really burnt out on the ART process… But, the news of our little overachieving embryo, has dramatically raised my spirits and renewed my hope and faith that this really could work! We have nothing to lose over the next 11 days (my lucky number, which also happens to be today’s date — October 11th), by being positive and believing that our little miracle will actually implant!

So that is our wonderful report, from Bob’s Blackberry, as we return home and I prepare to spend the rest of my day relaxing on the couch and sending lots of positive sticky vibes to and prayers for our embryo! As an aside, I mentioned before that we thought before they were going to transfer the 2aa embryo, frozen in April from our 1st fresh IVF cycle. Well, we found out this morning that they chose to thaw a 2bb, frozen in August from our 2nd try at our 2nd fresh IVF cycle (though it became practically a 1aa), instead because it was a day 5 blast (frozen on day 5 post-ER) and the 2aa was a 6 day. The embryologist said the rate of success with a day 5 blast vs. day 6, was about 20 percent better. That certainly made sense to us!

I will post our embryo’s picture later, but was so excited, I wanted to share and now I can rest when we get home and resist the urge to go online. ;). Thank you so much for all of support, positive thoughts and prayers for us, and especially for our embryo! Only 11 more days until we find out if he or she sticks! 🙂

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1 SommerNyte October 11, 2007 at 3:47 pm

One of our blasts was hatching, too. When I posted about it after transfer, it seemed everyone who transferred a hatching blast got pg. This is the one, Kathy!!!


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