October, month of miracles…

by Kathy on October 4, 2007 · 2 comments

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Two very special people in my life were born in the month of October, my dear husband Bob (on October 21, 1975) and our sweet son Sean (on October 2, 2003).

Bob and I also went on our first date on October 1, 1996.

This month there is the potential for two more unlikely, though certainly possible miracles…

1) We could become pregnant, through this our first Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) cycle!

2) The Chicago Cubs baseball team, of which I have been a lifelong fan, could make to (and maybe even win) the World Series!

Wouldn’t it be awesome if both were to happen?! I surely think so… My husband, the die-hard Chicago White Sox, fan would prefer that only one of the two (guess which one) miracles come to pass, but I know he’d rather take both, than none! 😉

Today is day 13 of our FET cycle. Tomorrow morning I go for my lining check at the downtown office of the clinic we go to. Hopefully the large amounts of estrogen I have been pumping into my body between patches and pills have helped to develop my uterine lining to be nice, thick and cozy for our little embryo, which God willing, will be transferred one week from today!

It has been a very busy, but fun week celebrating Sean’s 4th birthday with family and friends! Today he had is four year old wellness visit/check up at the doctor. He measured 42 inches and weighed in at 41 pounds (putting him in the 85 percentile for his age and gender). Overall, his health seemed to be good/normal. Sean was brave when he got two shots and followed the doctor’s directions well, when she asked him to count to ten and then draw a circle with eyes and a mouth in it. His doctor also talked with him about fire safety (Q: What to do if there was a fire in his house? A: Get outside right away and not stop to take his favorite toys). I didn’t realize I should be teaching him about that kind of stuff already, but it certainly makes sense. She also asked him if he knew about calling 911 on the phone in an emergency. I also had not previously thought to talk with Sean about that. She gave an example of if his daddy was working up on a ladder and fell and hurt himself, that Sean could pick up the phone and dial 9-1-1, but only in an emergency. Sean listened, said okay and then went on to tell her about his uncle that had recently been in a bad accident, where there was a fire; but that his uncle is feeling better now. It always amazes me the connections, that even a four year old can make.

I will check in sometime tomorrow with the report from my day 14 “lining check” appointment. This time next week, if all things goes as we hope they do, I will be PUPO again! Thank you for your continued support, thoughts and prayers. I believe in miracles and with some hope, faith and a little luck, maybe we can add two more to my list of those that have taken place in the month of October?! 🙂

P.S. Please say a little prayer for one of our relatives, who has been training since April and on Sunday will be running in her first Chicago marathon! I know she can/will do it and I am so excited for her! Thank you! 🙂

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1 Kristie October 4, 2007 at 10:08 pm

I am excited for your first FET cycle. Interesting I was reading Sean’s stats and they are SO close to Grants! STATS:
Age: 4 years
Weight: 41 pounds (90%)
Height: 43 inches (95%)

Too Funny!
Good Luck!


2 Waiting Amy October 6, 2007 at 6:55 am

Good luck on you FET! Hoping you add another big day to the month of October!

Happy B-day Sean!


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