The procedure will be Wednesday.

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I didn’t get the call from one of the nurses at my RE’s office until late in the day yesterday and thus couldn’t schedule my appointment for the cervical dilation until this morning. The only day that our RE will be in the office this week is tomorrow (Wednesday) and so that is when he was able to “fit me in,” in time for me to have the procedure before I finish the pill on Friday. My procedure is scheduled for tomorrow at 1:15 p.m. One of my neighborhood/playgroup friends, whose daughter is in Sean’s preschool class is going to pick him up for me after school tomorrow and take him home to her house with her daughter for me, so I can go to the appointment in the early afternoon and not have to worry about rushing around with Sean between school and the appointment.

Speaking of preschool…

Here is a picture of Sean from Monday morning before we left for his first day of preschool! It is hard to believe that our little boy is old enough to be starting school…

Sean seemed to have a lot of fun on his first two days at school and he is excited to go again tomorrow! This week his class is doing things related to the letter A. So they have sang a song about an Alligator, colored on and glued Apple Jacks to a picture of the letter A, made Ants out of egg cartons, ate Animal Crackers for a snack and decorated the outside of a brown paper lunch bag with things that begin with the letter A and then they get to bring something in for “show and tell” that fits into the bag that also starts with the letter A! Sean pointed out that his name even has the letter A in it!

Sean also told me that they play on the playground each day and that there is a piece of equipment that he thinks looks like a pirate ship, like on his cousin’s birthday cake on Sunday! We celebrated his first day of preschool, after class on Monday, by going to Rainbow Cone (our neighborhood ice cream store) with one of his preschool classmates (who he is going home with after school tomorrow), along with her mom, little brother and grandma!

Thank you for reading and for your support, comments, positive thoughts and prayers. I will be sure to check in tomorrow, or at the latest Thursday, to update about how the cervical dilation went and what our FET#1 schedule will be for sure, which I will hopefully find out tomorrow.

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