Down to the wire…

by Kathy on September 14, 2007 · 0 comments

in FET #1

I am very frustrated with my RE’s office right now, as they haven’t gotten everything to the insurance company yet for this cycle, that they need to be approved for me to start Lupron tomorrow. GRRR! 🙁 I am afraid we are going to run out of time today and with out the approval, I won’t be able to start tomorrow and then I will have to stay on the pill and readjust the schedule, based on when our RE will be available to do the ER later than October 11, when it is tentatively schedule for (because he really wants to do the procedure), which could be days or week later.

I know that won’t be the end of the world if it gets pushed back a bit, I have been patient this long, what’s a few more days/weeks?!;) I just really don’t like being on the pill (the side effects, including weight gain and moodiness) and I am so ready for tonight to be my last one for this cycle! I will know more later this afternoon and am trying to stay calm and optimistic that everything will work out and come together by the end of the day today. 🙂 I have made all the calls and done everything I can for now, so I just have to wait until around 3:00 p.m. today, the time which I was told by the billing supervisor at my RE’s office to call back. At that time we should have a better idea of what’s happening and if the approval will go through today or not.
We may be on the road to MI this afternoon when this all goes down, so I may be using my cell phone to make the calls and such. If I can, I will touch base tonight from Bob’s Blackberry to update you on the outcome from today’s events or at the latest I will check in Sunday evening when we get home. Thank you for your support, thoughts and prayers.

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