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Our follow-up appointment with our RE is two weeks from tomorrow. So I guess we need to try to be content not to know exactly what “the plan” moving forward will be until then. I had my cycle day 3 appointment yesterday morning for blood work and ultrasound (u/s). It was relatively uneventful, from a procedural standpoint. The office was busy and a bit backed up with patients, so in between my blood draw and my u/s I did get to chat with the phlebotomist. She is very friendly and willing to answer my unending questions and “what ifs.” She respects that I find comfort in trying to understand the process and the potential “next step.” I thanked her for explaining a “typical schedule” for an FET cycle, the morning of pregnancy test, in case it was negative, which is was. She clarified that our RE may tweak the schedule and protocol, that she had described to me on Friday, a bit and/or might even request a procedure, something do with my cervix, during my cycle on the pill. So now I am even more curious about the details…

While the phlebotomist and I were talking, I said something about being on Estraderm patches for a lot longer than a fresh IVF cycle (during which I have worn two on my lower torso, for 10 days post-ET, changing them every two days and not repeating the locations I have previously worn them on my body for at least a week). She said yes, you will be on them for 30 days this time! She also told me that at certain points I will be wearing as many as four Estraderm patches at a time! But, she explained that I can wear them anywhere on my upper body, except for my breasts, including my back, thighs and rear end. She said at some points during the cycle you need to get creative as to where you place them to get them all on in places you haven’t used in the past week! Doesn’t that sound like fun?! 😉 While I had her ear, I asked for more clarification about typical FET medication protocol. I asked about the oral medication that she had told me about on Friday. She replied “what oral medication?!” I said, but I thought you told me Estraderm patches and something else I can’t recall, but understood to be an oral medication. She said, the additional medication, besides PIO shots, is actually administered vaginally! I asked if it was a suppository and she no, that it is really more like a pill and it apparently just dissolves or gets absorbed in time after being inserted. There is certainly no lack of surprises, when doing ART cycles! After recounting all of that to Bob, later that day, I said that some of the daily injections were starting to sound easier than finding places to put patches on my body and vaginal pills! 😉

I brought Sean to the appointment and he chatted up the nurses and staff, as usual. I feel bad bringing him sometimes (as I don’t want to make it uncomfortable for those who don’t have children), but for those quicky appointments it is so much easier than dropping him off and picking him up somewhere and I try to make the appointments for later in the morning to avoid the women who go early before work and such. Anyway, he is such a good boy when we are there, that I think it is okay. Once he starts preschool, in a few weeks, I will make as many of my appointments, as possible, for when he is in school. During this visit our RE actually got to meet Sean for the first time, when he passed us in the hallway! He took a minute to talk with Sean and I thought it was very sweet.

Also, while we were waiting in a chair in the hallway between the blood work room and the u/s room, Sean noticed all the big picture collages in frames hanging on the wall. It appears that our RE’s office makes one every year highlighting their success stories (i.e. pictures of the children their patients have through ART). Though I still don’t think he realizes the true reason why we go to the Dr. there, I have only told him it is for problems with Mommy’s tummy, I wonder if he understands more than we know… Anyway, he asked why his picture wasn’t on the wall with all of the kids and babies. I didn’t have a good answer, but I think the phlebotomist jumped in with, if you bring us your picture we would be happy to put in on our wall, which I thought was nice of her to say!

So I will start the pill on Saturday and won’t know anymore about this FET#1 cycle until our appointment on Friday, September 7 with our RE. In the meantime, we have been making the most of summer’s end, while also preparing Sean for the idea and reality of preschool which he will start on Monday, September 10! This week we have gotten together twice with my parents, to make up for lost time, as they had been out of the country for 15 days (on an awesome tour of Ireland)! Sean and I missed them greatly while they were gone, as we usually talk with them on the phone daily and see them at least once weekly! We have had a blast catching up with them and hearing about their trip! Tuesday we met them at Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry and had a great time taking in some of the exhibits. Sean especially enjoys the huge model train area they have set up there and the real 747 airplane they have on display (that you can actually go into and check out)! Today my parents came down here for a visit. We went to lunch at Sean’s favorite McDonald’s (with an indoor playground) and then to see the movie “Underdog!”

I have really committed myself to making the most of the next month or so (until I am not allowed to exercise again after the ET), as far as trying to get back in shape and watch more carefully what I eat. Since we began this process in March, when I started my first pill pack preIVF#1, I have put on a grand total of 20 pounds! 🙁 As those who have known me awhile may recall, after my first miscarriage in December of 2004, I worked my butt off for 10 months straight and lost 25 pounds (the first 20, were in the first 6 months). I exercised like crazy, watched what I ate and was probably in the best shape of my life! I kept that up basically until October of last year, when I started having some knee problems that precluded me from exercising as much as I was use to at that time. But even then, still stayed within 5 pounds of my lowest weight since I began my quest. So it has been hard for me to watch my body return to “the way it used to be” over the past few months, even though I understand it is primarily a side effect of the ART process (medications, procedures, restrictions on exercise, etc.).

Anyway, my point being, I am proud of the fact that I have exercised every day this week, I am trying to eat smaller portions and I am not snacking on as much junk food as I had gotten in the habit of doing over the past few months! I even got up early both Tuesday and this morning to meet two of my neighborhood friends for hour long walks from 6:00 – 7:00 a.m., so we could get home before our husbands have to leave for work. Bob and I have also talked about and followed through with trying to be more active as a family and take advantage of the warm summer weather to spend more time outdoors (even if it is just playing games in our backyard). Last night we even went for a family bike ride, which was fun!

Well, this was definitely a longer post than I set out to compose. However, I was in somewhat of a bad mood when I sat down to type and, as often happens, through sharing about my life experiences the past few days and reflecting on them as I write, I will leave my computer tonight feeling better and more optimistic. Thank you for reading, for your support, your positive thoughts and your prayers.

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