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by Kathy on August 31, 2007 · 0 comments

in FET #1

Just thought I would check in before things get busy with Labor Day weekend. Not much new here, just waiting for our follow-up appointment with our RE, one week from today (Friday, September 7), to find out for sure if we will be doing FET#1 next and what exactly the protocol for it will be. I have been on the pill for almost a week now and have at least 2 weeks to go, give or take some days if the protocol calls for it. I have found over the course of our 4 Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) cycles, during which I have started each with 21 days on the pill, that around 7-10 days into taking it I tend to feel moody/on edge and a little sick (mostly nauseous). It usually doesn’t last more than a few days, I just thought it was an interesting observation, as I expected to have more side effects, especially emotionally, from the other IVF medications, so I find it ironic that the pill actually seems to get to me the most?!

We have had a fun/busy week! Lots of good times with family and friends, as the summer season winds down. I don’t have time to get into any details or antidotes, as I need to finish getting things together for our trip to Bob’s parents’ and uncle’s cottage in Michigan, for the weekend. But I wanted to post, since it has been a week, in case any of you were wondering where I was hiding… At the latest I will check back after our consultation with our RE, one week from today. I am so ready to know the new plan/protocol, as the uncertainty and curiosity, even though we have a good sense that it will be FET, is starting to get to me a bit.

I wish you all a wonderful Labor Day weekend with your families and friends! Thank you for your continued support, thoughts and prayers! 🙂

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