Sunday’s ETA and Dosage Adjustment

by Kathy on July 27, 2007 · 0 comments

in IVF #2 (second try), Sean

My next monitoring appointment for this cycle will be on Sunday (day 9 of stimming) at 8:00 a.m. The nurse who left me a voicemail to tell me that also informed me that our RE wants me to lower my dosage of Follistim tonight and tomorrow night from 300 IUs to 150 IUs. She said to keep the Repronex at 150 IUs. It always impresses me when our RE adjusts the dosage of my meds as it makes me feel like he knows what he is doing in trying to get the best possible outcome from this cycle.

As far as side effects, yesterday was one of the harder days I have had physically and emotionally this cycle. I had gotten up early with Sean and not eaten enough early on in the day. Fatigue and hunger in general make me more prone to moodiness, but when I am on IVF meds and experience lack of sleep and don’t eat frequently, I seem more likely to be on edge. Luckily, Sean and I were spending the day with my parents, so they were a huge help and allowed me to rest and relax as I felt the need to.

I will update again on Sunday after my appointment. The nurse also said on the voicemail that she might see me on Monday, depending on how things look on Sunday. On a side note, I made it downtown to meet Bob, here at the Four Seasons and it is so awesome! Our room is on the 45th floor, facing East, so we have a fabulous view of the lakefront! Tomorrow morning we have reservations to be “tourists in our own town” and go on an architechtural boat cruise on the Chicago River! Then we’ll head up to my parents’ house to get Sean and also BBQ with my mom, dad, sister and her fiance, before heading home to relax, as by then it is likely that my left ovary will really be “talking to me” (i.e. it will be pretty sore)!

Thank you for reading and sharing this journey with me! I hope you and yours have a wonderful weekend!

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