Monitoring #5

by Kathy on July 30, 2007 · 0 comments

in IVF #2 (second try), Sean

My 5th monitoring appointment was this morning (day 10 of stimming). My mother-in-law watched Sean for me, which was great, especially because our RE’s office was busy, I had to wait longer than usual, and there were a lot of couples there today with out children in tow. The u/s tech found 12 follicles (2 – 17, 2 – 16, 2 -15, 1- 13.5. 1- 10 & 4 under 10mm)! My endometrium was 9.5 line and I found out that yesterday morning it was also 9.5 line. My E2 (estrogen level) yesterday was 782. As the nurse I met with yesterday predicted, the nurse I had today, after my u/s and blood work, thinks that I will still not trigger until tomorrow (Tuesday), since my two largest follicles are still only 17mm. They will call me this afternoon if they want me to trigger tonight instead and/or if I need to change the dosage of any of my medications. I doubt that our RE will change anything right now, as far as meds go, as my follicles seem to be developing at a steady rate, which I think was the plan with this protocol so far.

Assuming I do not trigger this evening, I have another appointment scheduled for tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. and then will likely trigger sometime tomorrow night, time TBA. So my ER will likely be on Thursday, August 2 and if at least one embryo makes it far enough, the day 5 ET would then be on Tuesday, August 7 and Beta blood test on Friday, August 17. Also, I didn’t know until this morning, that unlike the two cycles that I was on Lupron for suppression, patients who are taking Ganirelix (for Antagon protocols) take their final dose the same evening they trigger, as opposed to the night before. When the nurse explained that this morning, when going over Plan A (trigger tonight) and Plan B (trigger tomorrow night), I realized that I only have one dose of Ganirelix left! No biggie, I just had to call and order two more (one for tomorrow night and an additional one, just in case) which will be delivered tomorrow morning, but it was surprising that they hadn’t sent enough initially and that I wasn’t clear on how long I was to take the medication this cycle.

I am feeling fairly well today, defiantely on the tired side and sore (from my maturing follicles), but not too bad. It looks like Sean is going to skip his nap this afternoon, which though it makes for a longer afternoon, he will likely go to bed early which means that I can too! 😉 We had a nice visit this morning when a friend and her daughter came over for lunch, it was very low key, which I appreciated. It was good to talk with my friend and fun for Sean to play with her daughter! This afternoon, if I am feeling up to it, and if Sean doesn’t seem too tired from not napping, we may go to our weekly playgroup gathering at one of our friends’ houses in the neighborhood. I am also really looking forward to tonight when my favorite TV show “So You Think You Can Dance” is going to be on. It just sounds great to relax on the couch and watch some awesome dancers preform!

So that is today’s update. Assuming all goes well and we stick with Plan B, I will probably not post again until tomorrow after the appointment and/or after I know exact times for triggering in evening and the ER on Thursday. I still have a good feeling about this cycle and it looks like things are continuing to move in the right direction! Thank you for your support, positive thoughts and prayers!

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