No Sign of AF Yet

by Kathy on May 31, 2007 · 0 comments

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My period, a.k.a. “Aunt Flo” (AF), has not arrived yet. So I think it looks like my appointment will not be until Monday and thus we won’t start stimming before then. If AF arrives yet tonight I will go in tomorrow morning and would likely start everything tomorrow night. Though I am anxious to get started with the next phase of this cycle, we have a busy weekend planned and not having to deal with 3 injections each evening over the weekend won’t be all bad.

Overall, I am doing well. This cycle I have been more emotional/hormonal than last cycle, which has been a bit frustrating. But I am trying to be patient with myself, take good care of myself and realize that it is normal, all things considered. It has also been frustrating that though I have been exercising, as much as I am “allowed” and trying to watch what I eat, that I have been slowly putting on weight. I recognize that it is a side effect of the meds, but it use to be one of my saving graces, when it felt like everyone around me was PG, that at I least was physically fit and in (what I felt to be) the best shape of my life! Now I don’t even feel like I have that going for me. I understand that this is all worth it and I have to try to let go of things like weight gain and body image right now. Anyway, thanks for letting me vent. Most days I do pretty well with all of this, I just have my moments. Even eternal optimists can feel cynical now and then. 😉

It’s been a busy day/week, but I wanted to check in to update those of you who might have been wondering where we are at with this cycle. I am not sure if I will get a chance to check in again before Sunday, as tomorrow (Friday) we will be up in Evanston visiting my parents and on Saturday Bob and I will be helping my sister and her fiance move into their new home, in a western suburb called West Chicago (near St. Charles), while my parents watch Sean for us! I will keep you posted! Pun intended, that one never gets old to me! 😉

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