Secondary Infertility


Secondary Infertility (Resolve)

What is Secondary Infertility? by Rachel Gurevich (, December 2011)

Secondary Infertility 101: Everything You Need to Know by Jennifer L.W. Fink (iVillage)

The Second Time Around: Causes and Treatments of Secondary Infertility by Diana E. Chavkin MD (Resolve, Fall 2009)

Secondary Infertility: Evaluation and Treatment by Jerald S. Goldstein, M.D. (Resolve, Winter 2011)

What to Do About Secondary Infertility by Alice Lesch Kelly (Conceive Magazine, Spring 2007)

8 Things That Will NOT Support Your Friend with Secondary Infertility by Devan McGuinness (Babble, February 2013)

Faces of ALI: The Unique Hell of Secondary Infertility by Jjraffe (Too Many Fish too Fry, January 2013)

How Secondary Infertility Impacts Children by Tonya Wertman (She Knows, April 2013)


Wanting Another Child: Coping with Secondary Infertility by Harriet Fishman Simons (Jossey-Bass, April 2007)

Conquering Infertility: Dr. Alice Domar’s Mind/Body Guide to Enhancing Fertility and Coping with Infertility by Alice D. Domar, PhD (Penguin Books, February 2004) –> Part of Chapter 7 focuses on Secondary Infertility

Posts that I have written about my experience, in effort to help others understand the unique challenges that those dealing with Secondary Infertility face:

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Secondary Infertility Stories (my new blog series featuring interviews with bloggers who have experienced SIF):

Secondary Infertility Stories: Just One More… (April 2013)