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Social Media and Intimacy published by Melissa Ford in the Blogging & Social Media section (May 25, 2011) in which she curated my blog entry A Play on Words (May 17, 2011). Mel’s words about my post: Four of a Kind went to see the play “Sex with Strangers” at the Steppenwolf in Chicago. The performance brought out a whole host of blogging questions since the play stands at the crossroads of social media and intimacy.

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There is No “Normal” When a Baby Dies published in the Family and News & Politics sections (January 12, 2012). This post which I titled “Crazy like a (Perfectly Normal) Bereaved Parent” originally appeared on my blog January 10, 2012.

How I Changed My Mind About Marriage Equality published in the Life and News & Politics sections (March 27, 2013). This post which I titled On Marriage Equality originally appeared on my blog March 26, 2013.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: How Did They Just Disappear? published in the News & Politics section (March 11, 2014). This post which I titled How Did They Just Disappear? originally appeared on my blog March 10, 2014.

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Tweeting a Funeral: A Step Too Far or a Space for Comfort? published in the Blogging & Social Media section (September 22, 2011). This post which I titled Bereavement and Social Media originally appeared on my blog  August 17, 2011.

What Blogging Voice Do You Need to Fill? published in the Blogging & Social Media section (August 13, 2013). This post which I titled Everybody needs a… originally appeared on my blog August 9, 2013.