This week I have immersed myself in Hillary Rodham Clinton’s new book What Happened, about her experience with the 2016 Presidential Primary and Election, including why she didn’t win the electoral college and lots of inside scoop on what it was like behind the scenes of her campaign. I’ve struggled with what happened every day […]


Then (2003): I had just taken my first BFP (positive pregnancy test)! ???? Now (2016): I am mom to three awesome and unique children (a son in 7th grade, a daughter in Heaven since she was born and died in April 2008, and a daughter in 1st grade)! ✌?️♥️☺️ Then (2003): I had an expensive private gym […]


For awhile I have thought it would be interesting and helpful, especially for those still in the trenches who want more children, to profile other families who have dealt with secondary infertility. Many of these people I got to know during our journey through secondary infertility (via community forums and/or blogs). Being able to share […]


About five years ago I had the idea to make a video in honor of National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day which is observed annually on October 15th. Each year the date would near and I would day-dream about the the photo montage I had imagined, the songs I might use and what it […]


Sometimes we see them at the exact moment we need them… Tonight these two welcomed me at the hospital when I arrived for my perinatal bereavement support group meeting.


Yeah, yeah, I’m goin’ ta BlogHer 2012, It’ll be my first time, hangin’ with my tribe. Travelin’ with my sista, Meg’s a newbie too, She writes about adoption ‘n tryin’ for #2. I’m Bereaved and Blessed. I used to be a mess, Cuz tryin’ for another, can bring a lot of stress. We finally got our rainbow, the […]