Perfect Moments

This morning I woke up and, while still a bit drowsy, was checking notifications on my phone. One of the first to catch my attention was that “Molly Marie” had liked this picture I’d posted yesterday of Sean and Abby together after arts camp. Still groggy, I was confused and at the same time loved […]


We drove by on our way to dinner and noticed their front door was open. I asked Bob if he minded if we stopped by quickly to say, “hello.” I hadn’t seen them since the day of her funeral (which I ended up giving a eulogy at). I hopped out and rang the door bell. […]


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This month my good friend Lori from LavenderLuz is retiring her truly awesome blog hop/writing exercise called Perfect Moment Monday, after years of hosting it weekly and eventually monthly. I checked my archives and discovered that I have written and shared 35 posts over the years about Perfect Moments in my life. I know so many who have been […]


Many of my perfect moments this month were part of a special weekend away with my husband in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. One of the days we were there, Bob and I were hiking along the lake and came across a beautiful and inspiring pathway. The owner of the property commissioned an artist to paint wonderful quotes […]


My mom calls them peak life experiences and my friend Lori refers to them as perfect moments. Either way, last night was filled with them. I spent a rare evening with just my mom and dad. We ate at one of my favorite hometown restaurants, Prairie Moon. I ordered my favorite meal there (of course) […]