Good afternoon! I am checking in to let you know that we had our 25 week (gestation) echocardiogram (echo) this morning. Baby Benson’s heart looked great and normal according to the tech and our perinatal cardiologist! They both seemed glad to see us and to be able to deliver such wonderful news! Bob and I […]


P.S. It’s a…

by Kathy on April 1, 2009 · 24 comments

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  GIRL! 🙂   I would have shared that in my last post, but literally ran out of time when I was writing it. It also is news worthy of its own post! Anyway, Bob and I knew we might have the opportunity to find out baby’s gender today, as (some of you may recall) […]


Greetings! First off, those who know me/the Axe side of our family know that we are notorious for trying to play April Fool’s jokes on each other. So being that today is April 1st, I want to be clear that no part of this email is a joke. Though it was tempting to tell you […]


Here is the latest with Molly that we just shared via email with family and friends: Dear family and friends, Thank you for your support and encouragement over the last week and really over the past few months that we have been on this journey with our daughter Molly and trying to help her broken […]


I just got off the phone with Dr. Cuneo. She apologized for not calling yesterday. She confirmed everything Mary, the fetal echo tech had told us yesterday, mainly that overall Molly’s heart condition looked the same and that we should return next Wednesday. She described the fluid in Molly’s abdomen to be the “same to […]


As I have done in past weeks, I am cutting and pasting the email that I have just sent to family and friends and will also share the same information on Molly’s CarePage. Dear family and friends, Thank you for your cards, emails, phone calls, messages (on Molly’s CarePage), thoughts and prayers since my email […]