Definition of PRANA plural -s : a life breath or vital principle in Vedic and later Hindu religion : any of the three or more vital currents : the principle of life moving in the human body Origin and Etymology of PRANA Sanskrit prāṇa, literally, breath, from pra- before, forward + aniti he breathes — […]

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Halloween is over and, if you’re anything like me, it’s never too early to start thinking about or even shopping for presents for the upcoming holiday season. K-Mart released its  “Fab 15” Hottest Toys for 2013 and I had the opportunity to pick one to receive and review, as well as one of the same item […]


Last Monday, thanks to the lovely ladies of #ChicagonistaLIVE, I had the good fortune to eat lunch at the newest Fogo De Chão restaurant, in Rosemont, IL. I got to dine and visit with other awesome local bloggers, some of whom I have met before and others who I got to meet for the first time.


I am excited to share about my second Collective Bias® Social Fabric® shop! I had such a fun and interesting experience with my first one and appreciate the feedback I received on that post. This time I had the opportunity to shop for clothing for my kids from Cookie’s Kids website.


I recently was invited to join an online community of bloggers who enjoying shopping and sharing about our experiences. The community is called Social Fabric®, which is a division of Collective Bias®. One of the perks of being a part of Social Fabric® is the opportunity to apply for “shoppertunities.” These are social shopper insight […]