Our Powder Room (Then and Now)

by Kathy on January 10, 2017 · 0 comments

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“You changed the picture,” she said as she walked out of our powder room.

“It’s a great of you two, I just loved the old one.”

“Did you noticed what else changed?” I asked.

“We moved out the magazine rack (with periodicals to browse, mostly from late 2007/early 2008).”

Awhile back a good friend pointed out that one of her favorite things about using our first floor bathroom was feeling like she was in a time warp, as we never seemed to update our reading materials or the picture on the wall. 💡

She told us it was charming and she hoped it stayed that way. ❤️

When I finally got around to looking at what was there, I realized it was as if we’d frozen time back to before our second child/daughter Molly was born and died in April 2008.💡

Yeah, I imagine there’s something there, having to do with grieving, being dazed, and not caring what magazines were in our bathroom rack. Clearly, we weren’t doing much reading on the toilet, especially since we go smart phones. 💔

So for while we kept it that way.

Until we didn’t.

And that’s okay.

We had new family pictures taken in August and I love one our photographer got of just Bob and me. So I decided it was time to replace the one taken on our awesome trip to Vegas in 2007, soon after our first IVF cycle had failed. ❤️

It’s therapeutic for me to reflect on how far we’ve come since then. 🤔

I continue to be grateful for the support we’ve had from loved ones and all that we have learned on our journey building our family. 😊

Loss happens. 😢

Change happens. 👊🏼

It can be really hard to cope sometimes, especially when there is uncertainty in our lives.

And yet, we eventually find the strength to keep moving forward. 👣

We form new goals and dreams that motivate us to grow and evolve. 🌱

I love to help others take responsibility for their lives and work towards their goals through creating, implementing, and being accountable for healthy habits and routines. 👊🏼✔️😀

Comment or message me on Facebook if you are ready to talk with me about making positive changes in your life.💡

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