Two years ago we walked in honor and memory of our loved ones who died by suicide.

Two years ago I was new to being a coach. 💪🏼

Two years ago I was learning to navigate life with moderate generalized anxiety disorder. 🤔

Two years ago I struggled to live what I claimed my priorities were. 😔

What has changed two years later?

I am able to recognize even more what I can and cannot control in my life. 💡

I am still coaching and have learned so much about how to help others on their health and fitness journeys. 👊🏼

I am managing my anxiety with medication and behavioral therapy, which includes implementing healthier daily routines. 🌅

I am living more intentionally and my priorities reflect that. 😊

How about you?

I love to help others take responsibility for their lives and achieve their goals through creating, implementing, and being accountable for healthy habits. 👊🏼✔️😀

Comment or message me on Facebook if you are ready to talk with me about making positive changes in your life.💡

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